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At Air Conditioning Guys, your comfort is our top priority. Our team of skilled HVAC Technicians and installers are equipped to handle any project, from replacing an old unit to repairing a faulty system. Our fast and reliable service ensures that you'll be cool and comfortable in no time.

Air Duct Cleaning

We believe that air duct cleaning is essential for maintaining a comfortable and healthy home. Our team will ensure that your air ducts are free of mold, dust, and other harmful contaminants, improving the quality of your indoor air. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest industry techniques to provide an efficient and reliable service, leaving your home feeling fresh and clean.


If you're experiencing an HVAC emergency, don't sweat it – call the experts at Air Conditioning Guys. We specialize in AC repair and replacement services, and are available 24/7 to get your system up and running again. Trust us to provide you with the reliable service and expertise you need.

Your Local HVAC Expert Since 1951

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Who We Are

About Our Company

Since our grandfather, Alfonso Becerril, founded the company in 1951, we have been driven by his guiding principals, caring about our client's comfort and valuing quality work most of all. After 3 generations and expanding into California, Air Conditioning Guys operates to ensure we keep our customers comfortable all year round. Whether it’s packaged heat pump air conditioners, ductless mini splits, gas furnace split systems or any indoor air quality issues, we can help. That’s why we do our best on every service call and are constantly educating our team from the moment we answer your call to the time we fix, install or solve your issue.

Our company is the only Member of the Board of Directors for the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), no other local company has that distinction. Our skills are high-class and we are proud of our team!


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Customers Since 2000

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Louis Fuentes

Chief Cooling Guy

Real Testimonials

Courteous, knowledgeable, experienced, and very professional company.

We are very happy with the initial purchase and installation, to the scheduled routine maintenance. Has never failed👍🏼

Highly recommendable.

Gabriel Gonzalez

Peace of Mind Year round

Join our Peace of Mind Service Agreement Maintenance Plan for only $19 a month

Areas we Serve

Imperial County and San Diego County, CA

24/7 Emergency HVAC Repair or Replacement Available*

Awards Recognition Air Conditioning Guys
  • How much is an Annual Service Tune Up
    Our expert technicians will arrive in a fully stocked Van with our logos so you know that we have arrived to address your heating or cooling needs. They are trained to thoroughly inspect your system and diagnose the issue to get you back to being comfortable using the latest tools and aparatuses. This expert service is done for the minimal fee of $149.
  • I bought my system recently how often should I get it Serviced?
    All mechanical systems should be serviced at least every 6 months BUT minimum once a year to ensure that things are lubricated, Clean, free of oils and debris and refrigerant checked. Our Peace of Mind Service Agreement takes the hassle out of remembering to call us and ensures that your system is well taken care of and maintained properly to last you for years to come. It automated so once we set it up, you only know when we are on our way a day or so before!
  • How often should I get my air ducts cleaned?
    If you have never had your air ducts cleaned you should immediately! There are so many health benefits of having this service performed. After you do so, it is a generally good idea to have this service done every 3-5 years. Sooner if there are pets or carpet in the home.
  • What service areas do you cover?
    Our service area keeps expanding as more and more customers request our services. Currently our service areas for residential customers are: Calexico, El Centro, Heber, Imperial, Brawley, Holtville, Westmorland, Ocotillo San Diego, El Cajon, Spring Valley, Mt Helix, La Mesa, Chula Vista, Eastlake Area, Bonita, Kensington, North Park, South Park, Coronado, Imperial Beach, Otay, San Ysidro, La Jolla
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