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12 Safety Tips This Christmas

While the holidays are a characteristically joyous time of year, they can also be hazardous if simple safety precautions aren’t followed.  Learn from the mistakes of the naughty Christmas elf as you and your loved ones celebrate the holiday season.

  1. Do not use electronic near water

  2. Never sleep with electronics under your pillow

  3. Keep batteries safely stored in their packaging they can be deadly if swallowed

  4. Do not leave space heaters unattended when in use

  5. Keep decorations at least 3 feet away from any open flame

  6. Never play with fire

  7. Do not run cords under carpets, rugs, furniture, or out of windows

  8. Do not overload outlets

  9. Sometimes less is more be careful not to over decorate

  10. Always turn off decorations when you’re sleeping or leaving your home

  11. Inspect all decorations and discard any that are damaged or worn

  12. Keep your natural Christmas tree hydrated and water it daily

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