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6 Tips to Lower your Energy Bills

Are your utility bills too high? Learn 6 tips to lower your energy bills. If so, you’re not alone, as many Americans are searching for ways to save money on their monthly expenses any way they can.

According to Energy Star, the average single-family U.S. household spends $2,060 per year on utilities. Saving even 10-20% on this amount could mean considerable savings.

Heating and cooling, water, power, and lighting are the main areas where you can cut down your utility bills. With a little effort, some small changes, and different habits, you’ll be on the fast track to significant savings. This piece will list some changes to make in your home to help reduce utility bills.

Heating And Cooling

Your HVAC system helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home all year long. Of course, not using the cooling or heating systems as often will save money. But it’s possible to lower overall energy expenses without changing your comfort level.

These HVAC maintenance and temperature control tips may help you save significant cash over time. Follow these six easy steps to save money on utility bills by reducing the HVAC system’s energy output:

1. Test and (if necessary) fix your home’s insulation

Insulation is a key factor to potential savings on energy bills. Therefore, the heating and cooling system will use less energy to maintain the set temperature in a well-insulated home. More info here

Check seals on windows and doors to ensure they aren’t loose or cracked. Additionally, consider investing in double-pane glass windows rather than single-pane glass, as they offer better insulation.

2. Inspect the air ducts

The same careful check should also be applied to ductwork around your house. Any leak in the ventilation system’s ducts will decrease its efficiency.

At AC Guys, we can have our technicians inspect the ductwork for you. Call for details.

3. Properly maintain air conditioning system

A well-functioning AC system is an efficient one. So ensuring the air conditioner vents aren’t clogged and regularly changing the air filter will prevent your air conditioner from having to work harder. Don’t forget to check the outdoor AC unit for debris and leave enough space around it to work properly.

You’ll also want to schedule routine air conditioner service, so our AC professionals can fix any lingering issues.

4. Use the thermostat to your advantage

Don’t set it and forget it. You may find it easier to always set the thermostat at 72 degrees. However, it’s not always necessary to work the air conditioner so hard to stay comfortable.

By simply adjusting the temperature when you are away from home or according to the outside climate, you can easily reduce utility bills. Smart or programmable thermostats can easily be set to do so.

If you are interested in one, we can install a Nest wifi programmable smart thermostat for $399 which will save you that much in 1 year. So it’s essentially FREE after 1 year.

Schedule your visit today and we’ll help!

5. Invest in quality fans

Fans use less energy than a central cooling system. When temperature requires a bit of cooling, you can do it without blasting the AC. Fans are a good way to keep your home comfortable without overpowering the HVAC system.

You can install ceiling fans and buy pedestal fans that are easily moved from one room to another when needed. When the temperature allows, fans will save on your air-conditioning use and, therefore, reduce the energy bill.

6. Buy blackout curtains

Thick curtains will block the sun out or warm air from escaping, depending on the season. It might not be necessary for all rooms, but it might help you set the thermostat a little bit lower or higher than you usually would.

LET US KNOW IF WE CAN HELP even with your annual ac maintenance.

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