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Are all AC installs the same?

Most people make the mistake of just comparing prices when shopping around for a new air conditioner. But the real question is are all AC installs the same?

The newest air conditioning systems require a higher level of expertise and knowledge than even 3 years ago. The more energy efficient the systems become (identified by a higher SEER rating), the more complex the mechanics of how they operate become.

A quality installation requires a higher level of skills. This are taught in specialized environments following certain proven methods. They aren’t just “shop talk” among techs at the supply parts warehouses.

In order to achieve the comfort levels and the energy efficient requirements of these systems, the installing technicians have to be trained extensively. The only ones that certify these types of Quality Installations is the only national Air Conditioning Contractor’s of America association.

Air Conditioning guys is proud to not only be the only HVAC Contractor in the Region to follow these practices…But we believe in them so much so that we actually sit on the 20 member Board of Directors.

ACCA represents over 60,000 tradesmen, installers, technician, hvac company owners and skilled workers in the air conditioning industry all across the United States. You can verify it here.

Air Conditioning Guys – a Becerril Family Co since 1951 doesnt’ think so. We pride ourselves as being the only hvac contractor in the Region to follow ACCA’s quality Installation practices and Believe in this concept so much we actually sit on the Board of Directors!

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