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Don’t Pay for This Fix! “My A/C won’t come on after a rainy day.”

How to reset your A/C breaker

Today we are going to give you a quick tip.

Since it has been raining a bit, a lot of people have issues after the rain with their A/C or Heating System.

Here are a few steps to make sure the electrical breaker did not “trip” “pop” or is in the off protection mode.

1. Find your electrical panel outside (usually by the garage or front of the house)

2. Find the breaker labeled “A/C” and/or “FAU” or “FURNACE”

3. Turn it fully off and then fully ON again. You’ll hear it pop

4. GO back to your thermostat and turn it on to cool or heat

5. It should work if it was tripped.

That’s it! You’ve just saved yourself a Service call and approximately $99 by following these steps carefully and safely. REMEMBER DO NOT DO THIS IF IT IS STILL RAINING!

Always be cautious and careful when approaching your electrical panel. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own….call us and we can make sure you get back to feeling comfortable.

Stay Safe.

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