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Imperial Irrigation District IID Updates on HVAC

At the 1/8/2018 meeting of the Energy Consumer Advisory Committee, an update was given about the HVAC program status and future.  The presentation highlighted the fact that the AC Quality Maintenance Program had been concluded and would not continue until an Evaluation, Measurement and Validation process was finalized.

For HVAC contractors operating in the IID territory this set back is not good news. AC Maintenance is done prior to the heat of  summer when most of us are installing new equipment and performing emergency repairs.  A quality maintenance program is not a priority or feasible if it starts in the 2nd quarter of the year when HVAC contractor’s are the busiest attending to not functional units.  And one of the criteria of the program has been that “IT MUST BE IN WORKING CONDITION and OPERATIONAL” so….. contractors concerns were expressed and member of the ECAC committee also shared in the concern for rate payers that rely on Public Benefits programs available to all socio-economic backgrounds for energy reducing activities.  The AC Quality Maintenance program ultimately helps lower energy consumption and keep HVAC systems operating at optimum levels….which just simply translates into keeping more money in the family household.

I hope that the IID Directors see tha value this program has generated and the savings it has had for IID’s ratepayers.  If professional HVAC contractors in Imperial and Coachella Valley’s can lower energy use of HVAC systems, IID subsequently has less energy it has to provide to ratepayers which means that the Demand to produce it is also reduced. It’s a win win for everyone including our environment.

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