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Older Homes-the Case for Ductless Mini Splits

Older Homes the Case for Ductless Mini Splits

So, you just purchased an older home. How to get comfort? How about this idea “Older Homes the Case for Ductless Mini Splits”?

Sure you love the charm of an older home in an older neighborhood. Its seems that these areas are making a comeback with many being remodeled and refurbished. This is the case for the Kennsignton, Hillcrest, North Park, South Park, College and the Mission Hills areas. BUT you’ll find that these homes don’t have air conditioning or heating to keep you comfortable in any weather in San Diego.  Most of these older homes will have an outdated and sometimes dangerous wall gas furnace that heats the entry way, living room and the hall way.  Leaving the bedrooms to bear the cold of winter nights.

Thankfully, more and more homeowner’s have found ductless mini split air conditioning systems as the best possible solution for their comfort needs. A ductless mini split system is ideal for many reasons:

Reasons for Ductless Mini Splits Air Conditioning Systems HVAC

  1. Quiet Operation


  3. Higher Efficiencies for energy saving and lower energy bills

  4. Can be installed in virtually any room

  5. Lower cost of ownership

New B Air ductless mini split in san diego

  1. Only have to be turned on when you are in the space or room

  2. Can Cool or Heat at the click of a button on your remote control

  3. Available in 110v or 220v Electrical connections

So in the case of Older Homes the Case for Ductless Mini Splits ac’s.

The most important aspect of your new older home and remodeled space is how comfortable you’ll be in it!  That is why it is important for you to think about whether or not you want cooling and heating to keep you comfortable all year round.  Don’t forget to watch our videos as to how Easy it is to buy a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning systems by B Air at

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