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The Case for Ductless Mini Splits

A Great Solution for any Space!

Having a particular space in your home that won’t stay warm is a common complaint we hear. This is usually a bedroom or basement. Sometimes it’s even the living room.

The issue in a lot of these cases is that the current system is doing the trick everywhere else in the house, but this one space won’t stay comfortable. We have the solution: Ductless Mini Splits!

Ductless systems can be installed and used all year round. Get rid of space heaters in the winter and window AC units in the summer. Check out some of our options and see what size is right for you: HERE

SO really making the case for ductless mini splits is not that hard, when your comfort is at stake. You can get ready for the summer and get comfortable by just reaching out to us at Air Conditioning Guys.

Air Conditioning guys installing ductless mini split indoors

AC Technicians mounting indoor air handler on the wall. Air Conditioning guys working to keep customers comfortable.

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