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Why is my AC Rattling?

Why is my AC Rattling?

One of the pleasant by-products of using your home’s air conditioning is the soothing white noise the systems often produce. These sounds can block distracting outdoor noises. When your AC starts interrupting that white noise barrier by making odd noises, it is not just annoying, but it also may signal that the AC system needs attention.

Of the different strange sounds an AC can make, rattling is one of the most common. If you start to hear your AC making strange sounds, contact Air Conditioning Guys, and we’ll get right out to you to discover what the trouble is and fix it before it grows into bigger trouble.

Loose panels:

This is the simplest explanation for a rattling sound. Sometimes the panels on the cabinets housing the condenser or the evaporator will become dislodged because of screws that have become loose or weren’t screwed back in tight enough after the panel was opened. Before considering other issues, make sure the panels are secure.


Your air conditioner’s cabinets should be as free as possible from outside contamination. But if the air filter becomes clogged, or the outdoor unit doesn’t have a clear area around it, then dirt, gravel, leaves, sticks, and other small items can enter the cabinet and start getting knocked around. This requires immediate attention: not only will such debris damage the AC’s components, but you have to find out how the debris got inside so you can prevent it from happening again.

Misaligned fan:

One of the AC’s fans may be striking its casing, either because of damage (from the debris mentioned above) or poor installation. This will continue to become progressively worse as time goes by, so you should have it fixed as soon as you can.

Broken motors:

The motors that run the fans and the condenser in an air conditioner contain the most moving parts of any component in the system. If the motors suffer damage or start to wear down, their internal parts can become dislodged and start to rattle around. This is another problem that debris infiltration can create.

Although a rattling air conditioner may need only a simple fix, it could also indicate the start of an issue that will only grow worse and trigger a domino effect, leading to other repair needs. Since many of these problems come from debris, make sure you regularly change the air filter to keep the interior of the AC clean. But when that rattling noise starts, be prepared to call for professional help—it’s important that the problem get solved while it’s still fixable.

AC Guys Can Help…

With over 70 years of providing our customers with the highest quality air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installation, you know you can trust Air Conditioning Guys for all your home comfort needs. Call the Air Conditioning Guys experts today to repair, replace, install or maintain your homes air conditioning system.

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