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Air Conditioning and Energy Saving Tips

Air Conditioning and Energy Saving Tips

How to save money at home is not always easy to identify. The following Air Conditioning and Energy Saving Tips used by hvac contractors can help.  In El Centro, Imperial Valley, Coachella and San Diego, energy is an important topic.  Here are a few ways you can save energy and help extend the life of your air conditioning and heating system products easily:

5 Air Conditioning Saving Tips

  1. Replace old incandescent light bulbs with LED ones. The cost to replace LED lights has gone down substantially. I’ve even found them on clearance in the light bulb section of any retail big box or local hardware store.

  2. Make sure the dryer filter is clean. The lint on the filter from multiple loads can accumulate and cause your dryer to expense more energy as it tries to dry your clothes every load.

  3. REPLACE your filters regularly. This is one of the major reasons for equipment failures in El Centro and the Coachella valley.  The dirt in the air can accumulate very quickly in your return grill and the filter can become clogged. So as Air Conditioning Guys suggests in their services page,  Replace your AC filter regularly.

  4. This one is very important. Have your AC system serviced prior to the season.  This should be an annual regular occurrence. A Peace of Mind service agreement can be of great benefit to reduce cooling costs in your home. Typically a well maintained system with clean air filters can save you up to 30-35%. That’s a lot of cash in your family’s pocket.  Great for school supplies or fixing that much needed car issue.

  5. A good habit is to have your air ducts cleaned at least once every 5 years because dirt can build up inside your air ducts and cause air flow issues as well as respiratory aislments. Sometimes dirty air ducts can be the cause of allergy symptoms.  Clean the ducts and feel better inside your living spaces.


With these 5 Air Conditioning and Energy Saving Tips, you’ll see a increase in energy savings and more money in your pocket for other things. El Centro and Coachella’s energy Cooling costs in the summer time is approximately 60%-75% of your energy bill! So, with these Air Conditioning and Energy Saving Tips, you’ll be COOL and HAPPY at the same time!

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