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Ductless Mini Splits in Winter?

For most homeowners that live in areas where the temperatures rise in the Summer and then Drop in the Winter, they are familiar with systems that keep them comfortable.  BUT in areas that have been hit by record breaking heat waves and then extreme cold winters, people have been thrown in a frenzy about what to do to keep comfortable.

Ductless mini split air conditioning heat pumps have been a product that is readily available and very popular in a majority of countries around the world. Two main reasons for that are:

  1. Energy is very expensive in most of the world and Ductless systems are inherently more energy efficient and use a lot less energy.

  2. Homes and living spaces in most of the world are not built with attic spaces for Duct work and duct runs etc…also REAL ESTATE is very expensive and most living areas are very close to each other.

Most of the increase in Ductless systems in the US has been gradual because most contractors are not familiar with this latest technology and are slow to adapt.  Also, since they are less expensive, it may not be to the advantage of a smaller contractor to sell this type of product when you compare a more expensive full HVAC system with expensive ductwork and lots of labor involved.

BUT the fact remains that ductless mini split air conditioners are the most energy efficient, clean, affordable and can be virtually installed in any space.  This is crucial for homes or retail office locations that don’t have ceiling space to run air ducting.  Most older homes and homes closer to the coastal areas are perfect scenarios for this type of Energy Efficient and Comfort technology product.  SO, even if you don’t want to cool or heat your whole entire house, you can always install a B Air Ductless mini split air conditioning heat pump and feel comfortable all year round.  We only install systems for our customers and they love it!

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