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Energy Tips for Property Managers and Rental Property Owners that can Save thousands $$

Property Managers and Rental Property Owners can save thousands of dollars with this one simple routine maintenance tip.

Energy Tips for Property Managers

Energy Tips for Property Managers. A dirty A/C Filter can cause multiple issues for property owners and property management companies. One of those is higher energy bills for the tenant which may turn away some potential renters. As a result, a dirty filter can have an impact on the “desirability” of a property for tenants. And it can have a negative affect on the tenants health as well.

How about mold?

A Dirty air filter can be a breading ground for bacteria, mold and mildew. This is not good for anyone breathing or living inside your property.

It’s not good for the property either! MOLD can cause serious property damage and can lead to serious dollars being spend for Mold remediation, clean up and remodeling.

What does this mean to my wallet?

Most importantly for the property manager and rental property owner is the fact that a dirty filter makes the air conditioning and heating system work harder to push air through the property.

In return, this leads to higher internal pressures which cause premature part failure. This can get expensive to fix and it will cause an increase in annoying “maintenance requests” by the tenants.

What types of repairs can this cause?

How about expensive refrigerant leaks? Typical refrigerant gas leaks repairs can cost upwards of $1,800-$2,400 depending on the location and amount of refrigerant that needs to be refilled. Here are a few products that can help with dirty air.

And a dirty air filter can lead to premature breakdown of the blower motor, the condensor fan, and the most expensive component of all the Compressor on your air conditioning and heating system. This in some cases may lead to a full replacement of the system which can costs from $8,000 to $15,000 (depending on efficiency, tonnage, capacity, fuel type and seer ratings). Learn about 5 top reasons to replace your air filters here

Property managers and rental property owners take note!

You can save from hundreds to thousands of dollars just by making sure you have a qualified air conditioning guy (wink wink) include a routine filter replacement program into your routine maintenance and upkeep of the property. And filters should be changed one time per month. At the bare minimum every 3 months. Breath cleaner!

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