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How an Air Conditioner Works in El Centro

How an Air Conditioner Works in El Centro:

Air conditioners transfer heat from a home’s interior to the warm outside environment and knowing how an air conditioner works in El Centro can be simple.

An air conditioning system in El Centro is a very necessary part of every home or office. So how an air conditioner works in El Centro is important to know. The extreme heat in this part of southern California can also be a health and safety concern but not many people know or understand how an air conditioner works in El Centro.  Sometimes they don’t even remember they have one unless they need air conditioner repair work, service or annual maintenance. But in El Centro, Calexico, Brawley, Holtville, Imperial and surrounding Imperial County, how an air conditioner works is important to know.

The main elements of an air conditioning system used by HVAC Contractors in the El Centro region are:

  1. Evaporator Coil – Cooling coils remove heat and humidity from the air using refrigerant

  2. Blower – A Blower (or fan) circulates air over the evaporator, dispensing the chilled air

  3. Condenser – Hot coils release the collected heat into the outside air

  4. Compressor – A pump that moves refrigerant between the evaporator and the condenser to chill the indoor air

  5. Fan –  A fan blows air over the condenser to dissipate the heat outside.

  6. Filter – Located in the air conditioning unit to remove particles from the air

  7. Thermostat – A device that controls the temperature of the system and when to turn on and off

These are the main parts of an air conditioning system but the air conditioning system alone is not enough to provide comfort. The hvac contractor is very important in making sure the system is installed properly and operating properly.

Things to Consider in Air Conditioning Installation:

  1. Type of Air Conditioning System (package, split system gas furnace, heat pump, ductless mini split)

  2. Existing Duct Work (age of ducts, attic insulation, and insulation of duct surrounding them)

  3. Energy Efficiency SEER rating

  4. Proficiency of Installing Contractor and Experts

  5. Refrigerant Charge of system

  6. Air Flow properly set

  7. Position of Exterior Condensing unit

  8. Adequate Return duct system

  9. Proper and Level of Attic Insulation

  10. Position of Air Supply Registers within the home or office

  11. Solid foundation of Contractor installing the system

  12. Professional Reputation of Local Contractor

  13. Ease of finding the Contractor (sometimes they work out of their garage or empty lot and you’ll have trouble finding them should you need help)

  14. Reputable contractors should follow Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Quality Installation Procedures.

So, armed with this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions.  Air Conditioning Guys, of El Centro can help with a new ac installation or service, repair and maintenance of your existing one.  The department of Energy has many guides to help you choose energy efficiency systems and other products for your home.

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