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Simple ways to Improve the Air inside your Home in El Centro

Simple Ways to Improve the Air inside your Home in El Centro

Here are a few simple ways to improve the air quality inside your home in El Centro that can be easy to do on your own or simply contact the Air Conditioning Guys in El Centro.  Let’s face it, in El Centro our air quality is horrible. Imperial Valley and Coachella Basin has one of the worst air quality in North America!   It has always been one of our goals to educate and to improve the quality of life for our customers by suggesting low cost solutions first. A great article that features 12 Air Purifying Plants is a great start. You can find it here.


This is by far the simplest and most organic way of improving the air quality inside your home or office. Take the time to review which plants do well in your area and where they can thrive indoors. Indoor air quality is a crucial part of a healthy life for you and your family.


Air flow is an important issue as well. Air Ducts that are inside your attic space can become detached slightly from the air distribution plenum (box) and begin to circulate attic insulation, dust, dirt, particles, air borne pathogens, outside dirty air and even be an entry point for rodent droppings!  Don’t let this happen. Fortunately, Air Conditioning Guys offers a Duct Sealing service that can detect where the leaks are and get them sealed and fixed permanently.


If you have NEVER had your air ducts cleaned, YOU ARE BREATHING DIRTY AIR INSIDE YOUR HOME! We cannot stress this enough. The dirt accumulated over years of operation can be surprising to you. Not only dirt, but pet or human hair, dust mites, bug droppings, years of dead skin circulating in the air. LOTS of gross stuff.  Our Air Duct Cleaning Service can help remove this and sanitize the inside of your air ducts. After all who wants to breathe dirty air?

SO, don’t wait any longer and get started with at least 2 of these items to improve your indoor air quality and start breathing CLEANER air inside.  Schedule your appointment here.

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