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Top 5 Reasons to Replace your AC Filter

Top 5 reasons to replace your ac filter

Stop Breathing in Bacteria! Top 5 reasons to replace your ac filter

TOP 5 REASONS: This will save you Thousands $$$$

1. A dirty A/C filter can be the cause of HIGHER ENERGY Bills which no one wants.  A dirty filter causes your system to work harder to push air through your duct system and return it.  This causes higher energy consumption.

2. A Dirty A/C filter is a breeding ground for Bacteria, Mold and Mildew.  This is what you are breathing if you don’t replace it.

3. Premature part failure. A system that is working harder, causes premature failure on a variety of parts i.e. Blower Motor, Blower wheel, compressor, condensor fan motor etc..ALL which are expensive repairs that can be avoided.

4. You will breathe cleaner air when you replace your a/c filter more frequently.  A clean filter eliminates dust and dirt just recirculating through the air.

5. A clean A/C filter can alleviate the air flow issues that can also cause premature ac and heating system death.  Compressor will work more efficiently and both high side and low side pressures will be even and closer to the manufacturers recommended specs.

SO, in short…. remember to replace your a/c filter once a month or at the minimum every 2-3 months. You’ll save energy, extend the life of your a/c system and breathe cleaner air! 

If you have a package ac system, a split system or just a gas furnace, you HAVE A FILTER!

A Dirty Filter has all these things:

For even Cleaner air you can install an Air Purification system like this one. Click Here for more info.  you can purchase one here.

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