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Warm cozy Home this Holiday

As the Holidays are fast seems that it only gets cold at night. Whether you have a fireplace or not, a warm cozy home is priceless in those evening with family.  The kids have done their homework and everyone is winding down.  In San Diego, the weather is not as cold as previous years. In El Centro, the sunny days make it a warm day but cold evening.  One thing to always keep in mind is to keep your furnace in top shape so that when you need to turn it on at night, it is ready to keep you warm.

One of the most important things to always keep an eye on in your home is the filter.  The filter also gets dirty during the winter season because of the air that should be circulating in the home.  Check it regularly by just looking up and if it is a dark color, TIME TO CHANGE IT.

A clean filter will allow fresher air to circulate within the home and keep everything running the way it should.  In order to be really keep your system operational and reduce your energy bills, a Safety Furnace Maintenance Checkup should be done prior to the winter season, but in this warmer weather, just make sure your system has not been running with a dirty filter. If you’d like a Safety Checkup though, most furnace Maintenance checkups can run $49-$69. So, get yours checked.

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